Talk with the turtles!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 campaign

Integrated campaign to promote the launch of Paramount's blockbuster movie. I planned the creative elements involving multiple character chatbots, exclusive stickers and gifts. The campaign reached tens of millions of engagements.

“You can chat to a character from a movie and have it feel fun and authentic… the studio wants to reach teens, so Kik is logical for that purpose. I think it’s also finding really creative ways to do that.”

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I've worked with leading brands, advertisors, creators and influencers for more than a decade. I've ideated, developed and globally launched creative brand experiences that entertain and delight

Taking Toontown global

One of my first gigs was taking Disney's Toontown Online into four new markets. The first Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Kids, Toontown was a fun, safe, online world set in Disney's universe (Back when many internet users were still on dial up!)

I launched the game both directly, and with distribution partners in the UK, France and Germany. I led localisation efforts, rolled out physical disc distribution and ran marketing initiatives to build and engage the user base.

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Rockin’ rewards with Katy Perry

Ideated and implemented Kik’s first ever real-world rewards program. 

Fans of the iconic artist Katy Perry could show their Katy love with a series of exclusive stickers to share in conversations. Through a conversation with Maddie – Katy Perry’s spirit kitty cat – fans could find out which Katy Perry song they’d be through a fun, social quiz. 

By performing a series of actions and tasks, fans earned points which could be used to collect a 20 Oz bottle of Katy Perry’s Mad Love Fragrance. Five lucky fans also won a fragrance signed by the star herself. The campaign was a great hit and served as a benchmark for further rewards programs including gift cards, music and more

The chatbot that started it all

Quinn Brenner from Insidious 3

Launched in early 2015, this innovative experience pioneered chatbots as a pivotal tool in movie promotion.

The Quinn Brenner chatbot was a ludicrously scary (and fun) experience that served as a prelude to the movie. Over 20 million messages have been sent and received by the chatbot.

“It was about fear, but also fun and comedy, and people really enjoyed it.” 

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