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A wild thing shall never be broken

Scrutiny Journal

600 Second Saga (Audio)

All that's left behind


Every tear unshed

Aether and Ichor

Everyone Changes


The Centropic Oracle (Audio)

Mamma Essie's Drive Thru Elysium

The Arcanist

All the little worlds

Farther Stars Than These

I enjoy reading and writing speculative fiction, particularly science fiction and fantasy that merge into a magical real world. My writing tends to involve ghosts, black holes, magical creatures, childhood dreams and sometimes melodramatic imaginations. Some of my works are highlighted below.

I am a first reader for Firewords Magazine. You should submit a story there!

In 2018 I became eligible for the Campbell Award. My story 'Memories to come' appears in the Event Horizon 2018 anthology

As dreams take flight


Stories and other creative pursuits

Trace Amounts


Kill switch

Polar Borealis

The last monster you shall slay

Andromeda Spaceways