Space Heroes Universe!
Blast off for adventure!

Around the time my children were born, some friends and I decided to build and create the best online game for kids. We had quite the adventure!

We raised money, built out the game, developed partnerships with child safety and education partners and worked our butts off to create the best game we could. We created an entire universe and I wrote the back stories for hundreds of characters, locations, events and alien creatures. The bad guy as a robot called Lord Shadowbot (who was scared of the dark).

We created a trading card game, produced two cartoon episodes and launched merchandise too! While the game is no longer operating, the story reached millions of kids around the world as a fun, safe and inspiring adventure.

Cake bake blitz
A delicious global quest

One that (kinda) got away. At Bubble Gum Interactive I worked with my mates (designers, artists and developers) to create what we think just might be the best Match 3 game ever.

I developed the character profiles and back stories for the hero (Katy Cupcake, a mid-west girl with big dreams) and the delectable stars of the dessert world. Her rivals included Big Tony Tiramisu, Magnifico and more. With an original storyline and loads of tantalising features the game is a rich treat of fun.

This was a good lesson that a strong story, great characters and high production only get you so far. Especially in the games industry, marketing and distribution are critical if your game is going to reach audiences.

You can play it now on iOS and Android.


Discover your destiny

As a child I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books, then Fighting Fantasy, then Dungeons & Dragons. My favourite stories were those of a hero or adventurer starting out, beginning their quest against insurmountable odds.

I wrote the interactive fiction Shadowcast in summer 2016. It’s about a young shadowcaster who you speak to via a messaging platform. This person needs your help to escape danger and defeat the red wraiths.

Since launch, Shadowcast has been played by over 350,000 gamers on Kik, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. The game was a showcase winner in WordPlay 2017. It’s free to play – tap the logos below to start. I’d love to hear what you think.